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In 1972, Mr. Kaye Coffel founded what would eventually evolve into Coffel Vending. It was very humble beginnings. He invested in a truck to become a Tom's Snack Food Dealer. He was self-employed and was responsible for getting accounts, installing, filling and fixing machines. He rented machines and purchased products from the local Tom's Distributor. After a couple of years, he risked everything to purchase the distributorship. He immediately sold off nearly half of the area to generate capital to develop the remaining territory. In the early years, Coffel Tom's Sales had snack machines, honor boxes, retail wholesale, self-fill schools and Notre Dame dormitory c-stores.


Over time, we focused on vending and our services expanded into cold drinks, coffee and cold food. As we worked hard to grow, we watched more than a dozen vending competitors disappear mostly through mergers and acquisitions. We now proudly enjoy the status of being the largest locally owned independent vending operator. We have ten vending routes with over 300 accounts and nearly 1,000 machines.


In 2002, we decided to get into office coffee service to expand our services at existing vending locations. It wasn't long before we realized that we needed people dedicated to only coffee service. We had all of the experience and resources of Coffel Vending that we could apply immediately to the coffee to do things well from the start.

Looking Forward

With over forty years of experience from which to draw, Coffel Vending's future is bright. With an ever changing market, the one thing that stays the same is service to our customers. We look forward to continuing to evolve as a company and letting the "third-generation" have a solid foundation on which to build!


Please let us prove that Coffel Vending is the best choice around! We serve South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart and surrounding areas. Please call us at (574) 255-4321 or email us at info@coffelvending.com for a free, no obligation consultation. We promise you'll like what you hear!  


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